5G industrialization milestone: Spanish Telecom and HUAWEI completed the world's first 5G vehicle networking PoC.

Telefonica joined HUAWEI in the 5G joint innovation center in Madrid to jointly complete the world's first 5G V2X (5G V2X) concept verification (PoC) test. This is a milestone for both sides to take a solid step in promoting 5G business and building 5G ecology since the completion of 5G UCNC, a user centric borderless network in 2017.

The test is based on the new 3GPP 5G port completed in December 22, 2017 (New Radio) the latest standards and specifications. Advanced 5G V2X services such as vehicle formation, extended sensors, advanced driving and remote driving will enable automatic driving together. The enhanced 5G NR system and the new NR sub link (sidelink) used for vehicle to workshop communication will work together to support the implementation of such businesses.

5G NR ultra high reliability and ultra-low delay (uRLLC) mode is designed flexibly to meet the ultimate requirement of automatic driving for network reliability and quick response. According to the Spanish Telecom and HUAWEI demonstration, uRLLC can provide stronger system capability and better coverage for V2X. PoC tests show that 5G NR can achieve 99.999% reliability and less than 1 millisecond delay to meet the automatic driving requirements of typical outdoor macro cellular scenes, such as dense urban, suburban and rural areas. As the global commercial deployment of 5G is approaching, the test laid the foundation for 5G V2X large-scale outfield testing.

In this PoC test, the base station to the vehicle, as well as the wireless transmission link between the vehicle and the vehicle, all use the self contained frame structure, the information feedback time is shortened obviously, and the network delay is greatly reduced. The flexible NR system framework can be easily expanded to support advanced features, for example, polarization codes support V2X small packet error correction, and hybrid automatic retransmission request (HARQ) optimization can enhance transmission reliability; a completely new defined inactive state of 3GPP can achieve short packet direct transmission without empty signaling, and ensure immediate traffic to vehicles. Control. In order to further improve the performance of 5G V2X, this time PoC also tests the free access based on SCMA (sparse code multiple access access). This technology can simplify the uplink access and effectively shorten the transmission delay. It is one of the core technologies of 5G V2X.

This test takes vehicle formation as a typical scenario of advanced V2X business, and controls the vehicle in formation by 5G NR network. The PoC test of Spanish Telecom and HUAWEI in the 5G joint innovation center achieved 99.999% reliability and less than 1 millisecond delay, and the signaling overhead was reduced by 67% compared to the current mobile network.

"HUAWEI and Spain Telecom completed the PoC test, which marks a great step forward to 5G business and fully connected society. The two sides will strengthen cooperation through 5G technology verification, mining and implementing more new application cases, serving users. Spanish Telecom global CTIO Enrique Blanco (Enrique Blanco) commented.

"I'm very glad that HUAWEI can further cooperate with 5G in Spanish technology. The PoC test of 5G V2X is another effort made by the two sides in implementing 5G business business, laying a solid foundation for the realization of 5G automatic driving. HUAWEI Fellow and wireless CTO, Ph. D., said.