How to maintain a splicer ?

For many users who don't know how to give proper maintenance for splicers, here below you will find some valuable tips. 

Questions 1 : how frequent should i calibrate the splicer ? 

It all depends on the condition of the splicer, if the splicer is operated in the proper way, you may not re-calibrate the splicer for ever. Just need to change the consuming parts such as electrodes, or battery. For some splicers they have the program reset function, like the cell phone, you can reset the splicer to the original manufacture version, but for the hardware there is no reset function like this. If the splicer is well maintained, properly treated, most of the time it doesn't need any re-calibration. 

Question 2: How often should i replace the electrodes

Most of the manufactures state their electrodes can make 2500-5000 ARC, in some cases , even the actual ARC time exceeds the value printed on the datasheet, but the ARC seems still normal,  in this case, the replacement is not necessary. For example, on the datasheet it says 5000 ARC, but after 5100 ARC the splicing is still satisfying ( based on the test result from OTDR) , maybe it will last for another 1000 ARC. 

Question 3: What is the usual maintenance show i do 

Most of the time, you just need to keep the machine clean. fusion splicer is a precise machine combined with optical, mechanical and electrical technologies. The optical parts are very fragile and most easily to be damaged.  It can be contaminated easily, once the dust or objects stick on the optical lens , it will cause malfunction. Such as fiber overlap, fiber crashing, or showing error message, so it  is the first thing you should check, make sure the optical lens are clean. But it is also need to be stressed that , it is not a good idea to clean the optical lens frequently, since the cleaning will leave scratch or mark on lens, it will cause permanent damage. So the conclusion is once you see the objects or too much dust on the lens you can clean it with caution, otherwise this cleaning can't be a usual practice. 

Question 4 : What if the fiber position shift away ? 

It  is very normal that some times after closing the cover, the splicer won't align the fiber properly, then some users just to the service menu and switch to the manual mode, align the fiber manually, at first , it is ok, everything looks fine, but after few more splicing, this problem shows up again, and you have to do it all over again. This is a typical case for most of users, they didn't solve the fundamental problem so the problem will remain. First of all, lets see what is the cause of this malfunction, it is caused by the object or dust in the V-groove, if the volume exceeds the tolerance of V-groove moving range , the fiber won't be aligned automatically. even after manual alignment, but the dust is still in there , this problem will appear again, how simple is that . So the right way to solve this problem is to clean the V-groove first, then do the manual alignment ( for some cases manual alignment is not required), and problem solved. 

In short words, treat the splicer carefully, problem will go away.