Is your splicer dust/water/shock resistance ?

More and more manufactures promote their splicers are " dust/water/shock resistance" , IP52 qualified. But is it really true ? 

Dust resistance-

First of all, we all know that in order to make a splice you have to put the fiber inside the fiber clamp, so the wind shied cover need to be opened wide, which means there is a great possibility that the dust will get inside. Unless the splicing job is carried out in a absolute isolated environment. Once the dust or external object gets inside the V-groove or on the lens, problem may occur, such the the fiber alignment malfunction, it is a typical problem for all splicers. So dust proof is not absolutely safe, users need to protect splicer from very dusty working conditions, and try to avoid any object gets inside the machine. 

Water resistance-

Same as dust resistance. In all the promotion videos we see the splicer is under the water drop or sand drop to demonstrate it is water proof or dust proof, but you never see a video that the cover is open when the water coming down from the top, simply because it is not right !  When the cover is closed water drop or dust will be blocked outside, but when the cover is open, water will gets inside for sure, and there is no splicer is sealed completely from the working panel, the water will leak into the machine and the circuit board will get short-circuited 100%, then the splicer is totally wasted. So never expose your splicer in the rain, because you will lose it. 

Shock resistance- 

The typical drop test should be 70cm, and the impact angle should be various, no matter screen face down, or bottom face down, it should stands for all the impact from all angles. BUT, does that mean that you can be careless while working in the filed ? the answer is clearly NO. Fusion splicer is precise instrument, non like other equipment, it has to pass many calibrations to be ready for sale, every single splicer is different, technicians need to calibrate the lens position by hand,. that is why you see slightly different image on splicers from the same brand, every one of them is unique. So it is better not do drop it crash it. 

In short words, these features are not 100% practical in the real job, they are more like marketing strategies, manufactures trying to catch your attention, users can't just explore it like it is 100% insured.