Top 5 Chinese fusion splicer

Chinese media made a report on " Chinese TOP 5 fusion splicer 2017 " , it is participated by more than 70 local medias, and voted by more than 30,000 people from fiber optic business, they are private end users, public operators such as China mobile , China telecom, China unicom ( 3 national operators ) , and other contractors. Here are the result: 

NO. 1 - CETC 41ST - It developed the first fusion splicer back in the end of 1980's , but it was a science research project for military purpose. CETC 41st is a national owned institution mainly serves for government projects, but since the earlier 90s, these kind of institutions are allowed to be trading publicly. 

NO.2 - DVP, it is one of the pioneers of fusion splicer. one of the most well known brand in China, but it seems like DVP is not making any progress in the past years, while the other companies are catching up and release more attractive products.

NO.3 -JILONG, it is one of the most well know Chinese fusion splicer in the world. It has come a long way since 1996, sold to many countries, but the situation it is facing is very similar with DVP, no so much innovations, hopefully they will come up with some thing new to lead the splicing technology again. 

NO. 4 -Tumetec. It is well known for manufacturing fiber cleavers, surely they did a great job on the cleavers, and since about 2 years ago they started to diving in the fiber splicing industry.  so far they have released the 6 motor splicer with touch screen, the splicer is well designed, it has great potential in the worldwide market. 

NO.4- SKYCOM , It's products are well accepted in the international market, particularly in India, they have released many models for choose, splicers are reliable and affordable, it is foreseeable that it will be a big player in the market pretty soon.