Why choose Chinese splicers

Japanese fusion splicers are still dominating the global market. But this situation is changing rapidly. Fujikura, Sumitomo, Fitel's market shares are shrinking every year. It is all because of the rise of their competitors - the Chinese manufactures, like CETC 41st, DVP, JILONG, AITELONG, ELOIK,SKYCOM... With no doubt, in the next 5 years, Chinese brands will outnumber its competitors. 

Now the question is do we trust these Chinese products? The answer is positive. Fiber splicing technology is not untouchable as it was back in 5 years ago. It has become a regular technology like mobile , TV ,  Along with the rapid improvement of the whole Chinese industry, everything's quality is becoming better and better. Especially the splicing machines, because Chinese started manufacturing splicers back in 22 years ago , it has come a long way and lots of experience in splicing technologies. Now the Chinese government is offering huge benefit packages to encourage high tech companies to optimize and upgrade their production system, there for, more and more companies are willing to invest more on the R&D, QC, basic materials... without a doubt, the quality is greatly enhanced. 

If you test the chinese splicers and Japnese splicers, you won't find much differences now, not to mention that Chinese manufactures are more flexible in terms of the market, they catch up with the latest technology either, more new features or functions starts to showing on the Chinese splicers first. 

Last but not least, the price issue. Chinese splicer are twice cheaper than its competitors, how can they compete with that ? People always tell you the quality is number 1 , but they never tell you that the price is No.1 , The fact is they are both NO.1 , only the Chinese splicers are qualified for both. 

Lots of people will ask :" cheap usually means no good.  "

Lots of people don't that that the huge difference on the splicers is not determined by the quality itself, it is other reasons. First of all , Chinese labor cost is way lower than Japanese, this is the major reason. Second of all , Chinese materials are much cheaper than Japan, ( Japan has no natural resource , everything is imported) , Lastly , Chinese government offer huge support on tax free/reduction and  subsidy support,  but Japanese competitors are on their own. so they have to maintain high profit rate. 

Over all , Chinese splicers are equally good as Fujikura, but with much lower price, why not to choose ?